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There has been a decrease in the number of animals in the developing world due to both natural and made factors for stance pests and diseases such as the tropical sleeping sickness, foot and mouth disease, over cultivation which has been caused due to the increase in population and this is rampant in Africa, and this has led to animals lose grazing grounds because 70% of livestock rearing in Africa is carried out on the free grazing system, Famine has been so pronounced in the affected areas as a result of a decrease in the number of animals and this has been experienced in the North Eastern Uganda Region of Karamoja, the Turkana of Kenya and in the in the Kano Katsina region of Nigeria which has rampantly affected the population with a number of children being malnourished with them being younger than their age and worst enough death has also occurred in those places. Therefore there is need to strengthen and establish modern diary and crop farming in Bugweri county which will help to eliminate such a phenomenal in the county and in the entire Busoga sub region with an objective of being the regional milk and food hub and also being one of the largest milk producer in the area so as to eliminate the vicious cycle of poverty, increaser in the level of nutrition, creation of job opportunities to different categories of people among others and this will be done through establishing of a heifer and mode farm project in the county that will be carried out on a rotational basis with first establishment of a training centre in the county and selection of 10 beneficiary pilot farmers in each of the six sub counties of Bugweri. During the successful implementation of the project a total of 70 farmers will benefit in the project and after the phase one implementation, at least each of the 134 villages that make up Bugweri county will have benefiting farmers and milk and food production will also increase with an intended establishment of a milk collecting centre in form of a cooperative that will help to collect, store and process the milk into other products so as to fetch a higher price for the producers/farmers. Livestock and food production are very important for human consumption because research shows that farming and its activities has made some of the developed countries delivering their successful stories from the sale of farm produce.



Bugweri Commercial Farmer’s Association (BUCOFA) is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) that was formed by self-motivated farmers in Bugweri that aim to produce for market especially the surplus production. The farmers are involved in a wide range of farming enterprises like crop production, livestock rearing, bee keeping, tree planting, poultry keeping among others.  The association was formed by a team of more than thirty (30) self motivated farmers with an overall aim among others; to contribute to improvement of the living conditions of the members through enhancing their socio-economic live hood for community development

The association specific objectives are;

1. To have a sustainable improvement in social and economic situations among men, women, youth PWDs, elderly and their families.   2. To unite group member for a common voice and interest that will result into increased production in the field of agriculture.   3. To train vocational skills to school drop outs especially girl child in order to be self reliant..  4. To transform the members and the young generation into responsible citizen. 5. To create a voice for the farmers against exploitative tendencies of middle men who cheat the innocent farmers. 6. To monitor and evaluate project activities serve as a forum for information exchange and networking. 7.   To promote other self-help projects such as brick laying, tailoring, among others