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Cornerstones We have adopted from Heifer International, a number of important development principles called Cornerstones, which are considered to be the building blocks for effective, sustainable development. They also indicate our philosophy to development, as well as forming the basis of Heifer’s accountability process. Passing on the Gift – Passing on the Gift embodies Heifer’s philosophy of practical sharing and caring. Every family that receives an animal signs a contract to pass on the first female offspring to another family in need, and, also agrees to pass on the training and skills they have acquired. Accountability – Groups define their own needs, set goals, and plan appropriate strategies to achieve them. Individuals within groups become accountable to one another through Passing on the Gift and regularly submit reports to Heifer International. Sharing and Caring – Heifer believes that global problems can be overcome and solved if people are committed to sharing and caring for others. This is reflected in the funds and resources donated to various community groups, as well as, these groups sharing and caring for one another through, for example, caring for an elderly widow or orphaned children. Sharing and caring also reflects our commitment to the humane treatment of animals used in projects, and our shared vision of justice for all people. Sustainability and Self Reliance – all projects that Heifer establishes are planned to be sustainable in the long term and this is reinforced by Heifer’s funding of groups for a limited time period only. Improved Animal Management – recipients of animals are trained in all aspects of animal management to ensure that the animals remain healthy and productive. Nutrition and Income – Livestock contribute to human nutrition and well being through the provision of high quality protein and fibre. In addition they provide draft power, transportation and manure to fertilize crops, whilst utilising low quality roughages such as grasses. Gender and Family focus – Gender refers to the socially defined roles of men and women in each culture. Heifer encourages men and women to share decision making, share ownership of Heifer animals, share labour and the benefits accruing from projects. Genuine Need and Justice – Heifer likes to partner with those who have a genuine need and who can benefit from the modest support provided by Heifer. The poorest members within a community should be included in the group membership and receive priority for assistance. Improving the Environment – one of the aims of Heifer is to improve the environment. The zero grazing management of animals prevents them overgrazing and causing physical damage to the soil. The fodder grasses and trees, that are planted to provide food for the animals, are often grown on denuded, infertile soils and thus improve ground cover thereby preventing erosion. Full Participation – Heifer works with grassroots groups, or intermediary organisations representing grassroots groups, and is committed to involving and encouraging all members to be involved in decision making. Training and Education – Comprehensive practical training in animal management; financial management; leadership skills and constitution writing; nutrition education; environmental and gender awareness is provided to families. Spirituality – spirituality is common to all people and groups, regardless of their religion or beliefs. Spirituality is expressed in values, beliefs about the meaning of life, a sense of connectedness to the earth and a shared vision of the future. It often creates a strong bond among group members and gives them faith, hope and a sense of responsibility to work together for a better future.
Passing on the gift Accountability Sharing and caring Sustainabilty and self reliance Improved animal management Training and education Full participation Spirituality ....
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